Web Analytics

When it comes to understanding and analyzing your website Performance, the only factor which can be relied upon is Google Analytics.

Analytics with its detailed statistics helps you analyze and understand your website’s traffic, traffic sources and measure conversion apart from giving the in-depth user insights. This in turn helps you to draw plans thus you’ll keep bringing them back.

Using it, Webrane can constantly monitor your website’s usage, traffic, its digital presence as well as its performance.

Our Web Analytics Framework

Determine Needs
Identify Goals
Define Metrics
Collect Data
Record Baseline
Test Improvement Strategies
Implement Improvements
Measure Results
  • Google Analytics Activities
  • Account Creation (includes dashboard set up)
  • Adwords-Analytics account linking
  • Custom Reports Scheduling & setting up Alerts
  • Download link tracking
  • Internal Search Tracking
  • Goal funnel creation
  • Custom defined Tagging
  • Flash/Event Tracking
  • External Campaign Tagging
  • Outbound link Tagging
  • General Queries
  • New Goals/Funnels where required
  • Account Creation (includes dashboard set up)
  • Dedicated support team with one SPOC.
  • 24×7 Support for any queries or other campaign related requirements.
  • 2 Calls a week to discuss account activities
  • All account changes and agenda updated to Google Docs for reviews and records.